Cologne’s high-class and innovative office campus in the heart of Braunsfeld

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Spread out over four buildings, the office-campus designed by TIM HUPE ARCHITEKTEN GmbH, has approximately 44,600 square metres gross floor area aboveground. Furthermore due to a double basement over the entire space, an addtional area of 29,600 square metres is gained, making it possible to include 850 underground parking spaces and around 900 bicycle stands.

Each of the houses 2-4 consist of  two longish buildings, like blocks, positioned parallel to each other and joined by a connecting passageway.  These blocks are designed either as two- or three-winged office areas.  The open floor plan for work space allows for flexible usage offering open-plan offices, open areas and classical cellular offices.

All four buildungs are ultra-modern, characterised by sophistication and innovation. Additionally a mobility plan with car and bike sharing as well as electric charging stations is to be available.

Construction is aimed to start in 2019. Completion in 2023 would therefore be feasible.